Artists: Jules Perahim and Mac Constantinescu
Completed: 1963
Address: Șoseaua Constanței 5, Mangalia, Romania

Designed by Jules Perahim and Mac Constantinescu, ‘Genesis’ consists of 3.150.000 porcelain pieces that measure 2x2cm each. 

The work connects natural elements of life: water, earth, air and the sun, as powering human existence, which is symbolised through the child thrust forth by a mother and father. 

Although typically socialist realist in style, the work was allegedly criticised by dogmatists due to its lack of communist symbols (namely the hammer and sickle), instead drawing emphasis to the subject through its vibrant colours and sharp modernist style. 

Following an investigation by the authorities, Jules Perahim assumed full responsibility for the work, and apparently suffered such repercussions that he left Romania, emigrating to Israel.